Access deep liquidity through our browser-based GUI or
high-frequency API.

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The next generation in FX options trading

SURFACEwave proprietary platform has been built in-house with 21st century technology and was created to leverage the next generation of liquidity by aligning an innovative business model, hosting unrivaled transaction anonymity, low latency execution and trade processing across a partnership of top-tier dealers, prime brokers, market makers, and natural participants.

By offering highly customizable product solutions and transparent prices in delta hedged or live trades, in single or multi-legged strategies, users will no longer be confined to pre-set strikes with fixed expiration dates.


Users can access the no-install SURFACExchange trading platform either through the browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) or the FIX-based application program interface (API).


Be up and running on our no-install GUI immediately. Simply open a browser, go to and log in with your username and password to find liquidity at your fingertips.


The SURFACEstream API is designed for trading participants who seek an electronic point of entry to SURFACExchange. The API can be connected through the industry standardized FIX Protocol. By utilizing the API to originate orders into SURFACExchange, trading participants will be empowered to send and receive instantaneous messages through a standardized FIX 4.4 based protocol. The API is a necessity for trading participants seeking to bring scale and seamless integration to their existing or new operations.

To discuss the best way to access the platform, please contact Client Services at or +1-203-987-6909.