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SURFACEwave trading platform gives users access to the major currency pairs for standard and custom option contracts. We provide the same electronic trading capabilities of the exchanges while keeping the OTC flexibility.

In order to trade directly on the SURFACExchange platform through the API or browser-based front end, participants need to sign our Terms and Conditions. A participant needs to have a direct credit relationship established with an approved Prime Broker on SURFACExchange. Every order placed on SURFACExchange is originated in the name of a participant and is guaranteed by their Prime Broker.

A client's identity is never revealed except to its designated FX prime broker (or prime brokers). The system does not embed client identifiers in trade messages to counterparties and clients are not identified post-trade.

Maker or Taker

SURFACExchange is designed to provide all participants with equal access to liquidity. Participants are not categorized as Market Makers or Market Takers on SURFACExchange. Every participant can work a bid or an offer and put in prices and be a Market Taker on one trade but a Market Maker on the other. RFQ’s are open to everybody and anyone can respond to one. As long as you have credit set up with one of the designated FX Prime Brokers, you are free to trade.