Trade any standard or custom G10 FX Option.

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SURFACEwave trading platform gives users access to the major currency pairs for standard and custom contracts. We provide the same electronic trading capabilities of exchanges while maintaining the flexibility of the OTC world.

Product Specifications

  • • CCY Pairs: G10 and crosses
  • • Maturities: overnight to 2Y
  • • Style: European style vanilla options, expiring daily
  • • Cut: NY
  • • Strategies: Call, Put, Straddle, Strangle, Risk Reversal
  • • Order Conditions: Good Until Date (GTD), Good Until Time (GTT), Spot Out, OCO
  • • Hedge: delta-hedged or live
  • • Delta: spot delta below 1Y, forward delta 1Y and up
  • • Spot Premium: spot premium below 1Y, forward premium 1Y and up